Learning by Repetition

In college I took Psychology as one of my classes, I didn’t really have any desire to be a psychologist I was just filling up class space with something that I could tolerate. I only wanted to take English classes, but somehow I had to take math, computer science and welcome to college too… It got me on the Deans list so I guess that’s ok.

In preparation for my class I purchased my books ahead of time and then read a few chapters into each class before the first week of school – I wanted to be prepared. For my English class I don’t think we even referenced it the whole semester, but it was still good for me. 

First day of class for Psychology and the professor walks in and turns on the computer and up pops a Power Point presentation. He introduces himself and then starts talking to us about what we’ll be learning and how we can pass the class.

I take notes furiously as it’s been a decade since I was last in school. He’s talking really fast and I hope I’m getting it all down when he says:

“This will of course all be in the syllabus so you don’t have to write any of this down.”

I think I literally glared at him and then put my pen down.

He starts the PowerPoint presentation and I’m following along, taking notes. He is basically reading word for word what is on the screen. I’m thinking to myself – dude just shut up and let me read it…. but he goes on and on.

As I’m writing I keep thinking to myself – this seems awfully familiar. I chalk it up to having been through a treatment center or two as a patient and then working at one in recovery.

It is two weeks before it occurs to me – every word on his power point slide is taken from the book that I read before class each day. I’m astounded. Why would you do that.

There is a part of me that hopes it’s just a coincidence – he wouldn’t do that would he – he’s an instructor at a college. But it just keeps continuing that way.

Eventually in class I start to lose interest in anything he’s saying – I’ve read it all before and even took my own notes. He doesn’t offer anything besides what was written in the book and I am dismayed.

None of my other classes were like that, just this one. I passed of course and even had some fun during the course. I participated in a fun little advertising experiment where we had to come up with a controversial sales item and I did Saviours Cookies I think it’s pretty brilliant actually – it was much more flushed out in class. I think we actually won the challenge.

Anyway – meetings can sometimes feel like my old psychology class – I read that already. Then it gets hard for me to keep focus on what it is I’m supposed to be learning (especially after a 3 hour meeting)

This was a long post to let everyone know – I hate meetings. Maybe “I still hate meetings” would be more accurate.

My boss will likely step in and tell me to look what I can bring to the meeting instead of what I’m getting out of it…

Three hours… three…

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