Spring Semester 06

Can you believe the time is here already for me to pick my spring classes? Me either, hell, I can’t believe I made it this far!!!

I will be taking the following classes: Math 4 (real Algebra), ENG 112 (that’s writing), SPD 100 (Speech), and PED 129 (Self-Defense). My class schedule will be M/W Math, ENG and SPD and Tuesday nights PED. Which leaves me with a 4 day weekend, and Tuesdays free to do homework for Wednesday!!!

English, is the obvious choice for a class, as that is my strongest point and the goal of this adventure.
Math is required, but I will have my teacher that I like.
Speech, well, even I get nervous standing in front of people talking.
Self-Defense? Well, being the HOMO in redneck VA, I need to be able to defend myself.

I will also be submitting my application for admission into ODU (Old Dominion University) for next Fall. ODU will allow me to pursue an English degree and become a writer (professional) or reporter if I opt for a journalism minor.

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