Tuesday I handed in my Essay: Congressional Recess, which is about the way our lawmakers seem to waste time, once it’s graded I’ll let you know how I did. At the third draft stage my Professor did say he “hated it.” I love that, I need that kind of honest feedback. I then proceeded to rewrite the piece which is what was handed in. Essay #3 is a Documented Essay, I plan to write on Video Game addiction with quoted text from very intelligent people from Washington, DC.

Last week in Math we took test #3 and my score was revealed today: 95% correct! Woot!!! Making me feel better about useless knowledge that will never come into play in my real or imaginary life.

I came home from school, took a quick shower and shaved and went to look for a job… handed in my resume and filled out the application at the FarmFresh (local grocer) and they asked me to come back at 4:30 for orientation… God help me. [For those of you who may need to know, FarmFresh is owned by the same company that owns Cub Foods: SuperValu] So, Orientation went well, and it looks like I have to have some cashier training… still hoping Walmart will call with a better offer.

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