I’ve been up for a few hours thinking about a revolution.

Thinking about America the broken.

Last night I wrote about acceptance and turning the other cheek so to speak… but even as I finished writing it I thought “what a bunch of pollyanna bullshit”.

Looking back and seeing hate, vitriol and santorum (look it up) win state after state, primary after primary and each and every time it was downplayed (first by the Republicans) as a fluke. A rarity that couldn’t possibly happen again and again. We underestimated the power of .. well, the dark side. The possibility of such an asshole being elected to the seat of President were so absurd we stopped really fighting it.

We, the People, let both sides lie and manipulate us again. We let the Republican’s continue to believe they are “value voters” and the Democrats that they could win against orange skinned hate mongers.

The American Tea Party – a bunch of well off, old, white Christians, and Ben Carson – thought they were leading a revolution. They thought to accomplish this by obstructing the American government with such notable brain trusts as Sarah Palin, Chuck Norris and the aforementioned Dr. Carson. They succeeded in preventing change from happening, preventing growth of the economy, protection of rights and values. They succeeded in protecting the only things that ever mattered to them: their wallets and their white nation (with Ben along, for show). [disclaimer: I am an old, white man]The Democrats had a revolutionary in Bernie Sanders. He filled stadiums, he brought out young people in droves with his message of change and his courage. He had a little bird come and land on his podium – an endorsement they say by the Earth herself. The Democrats wanted “moderate” change, no more dramatic change that our President won two terms on, only step by step if we can get the other side to agree. So they fucked with Bernie, they lied they cheated. As a result, they had a nominee that some are saying is the most hated woman in politics (have they met Sarah Palin, Jan Brewer, Carly Fiorina, Michelle fucking Bachman?). Many people liked her, most of my gay friends put her on a pedestal to rival where they keep Judy Garland and Madonna (maybe I missed her concert or didn’t pay enough attention to her shoes).

Some people are saying “trust the system” or “give him a chance”. But what if the system is broken, beyond repair.

Citizens United vs Federal Elections Committee tells us that Corporations are people, that this huge conglomerates have a right to to affect the outcome of elections.

There are congressmen and women who have been “serving” the country for over thirty years – fucking the country is more like it. Politicians that shaped our country into what it has become and continue to dig the hole deeper. Millionaires that work half a year (if even), continuing to give themselves raise, vote to go to war with other peoples children, and work tirelessly to oppress the poor, the uneducated and the different.

There are blatant violations of separation of church and state in all branches of government. The “Christian” church, the most grievous of all offenders continues its actual crusade to spread hate and disillusionment to it’s sheep – with their own money I might add (that 10% tithe really helps them meet with our corrupt politicians).

Current serving politicians are refusing to do their job – they wont elect a nominee to the Supreme Court. They’ve vowed to do nothing. There are politicians that say they work to obstruct ANYTHING put forth by the President mostly some old white guy that looks like an confused turtle, his name is Mitch Mcconnel.

This morning while I lay in bed I thought that maybe I was wrong. Maybe we don’t just accept this outcome. Last night people in the large cities of America took the streets to protest. Many of my Facebook friends have declared they will fight every part of this with every ounce of their strength. Some of my friends have declared there is a new way after this election – the gloves are off. Let the day 11/9 go down in history as the day the revolution began.

Disturbed redid Land of Confusion – check it out (this is a few years old but appropriate)

It’s time for our own Arab Spring (I used that phrase because it’ll piss off stupid people) where the American people finally stand up and say ENOUGH! I was thinking it’s time for Anonymous to step in and take America down. Hit Wall Street, hit all the branches of government, hit all the banks. Bring Mr. Robot to life in the real world. Take down those that seek to destroy us all.

I keep replaying the words from Independence Day (the original, not the crappy sequel) when the President of the United States said:

“…the world declared in one voice: We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight!  We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!”

I just never thought it would be an orange skinned braggart that we’d have to fight.

The dream of America is dead, the title of “land of the free” has been stripped from us. The idea that we are the defenders of what is right or a shining light, the beacon of hope is no more. We are blinded by the pursuit of celebrity, greed and hate.

So I retract what I posted last night, I will not go silently by and let my country be tarnished in this way any longer. Nor do I want other people to. Maybe my grandma would be disappointed, maybe my AA principles aren’t being followed (I left AA so that’s likely ok) but maybe it’s time to stand up and fight for what’s right.

Revolution – the Beatles

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