One Year Later

A year ago tomorrow I moved to Phoenix from Washington DC., can’t believe it’s been a year already, time just seems to have flown by.

I feel at home here… it’s not the weather… ok, it’s partly the weather…  They turned on the AC in my apartment complex this week and just a week or so ago turned off the heat as it was too hot … yeah, I don’t miss winter in DC or WI. IMG_3331

I still miss the Metro, Washington, DC’s subway system… I miss not having to drive or wait for people to realize they’re driving 10 miles under the speed limit. But I don’t miss crowded subway cars full of smelly loud people. I love that there is parking almost everywhere, that traffic at a standstill here would be laughable in DC, here cars actually keep moving.

I miss my boss, I cried when he dropped me off last year on this day, I called him today to remind him that I love and miss him and urged him to spoil his wife (he does anyway)… but I like my new bosses too.

it’s not the AA… ok, it’s mostly the AA. Mostly really it’s about the meetings and people that are active here – and about me being active here. It is what you make it, but it really helps when your speaking the same language and have the same background. The meetings I’ve found here are based on recovery not the problem and I find it really makes a difference. The traditions are alive and well here too, not just at the Traditions breakfast my home group hosted at the beginning of this month, but talked about in and out of meetings by old-timers and newcomers alike.

I’ve made a ton of new friends here at work and in meetings and other places and even learned to tolerate an old woman in the building who likes to stop and tell me all the gossip or complain about her neighbors.

When I still lived in Wisconsin I dreamed of moving to San Diego, never been to San Diego at that point in my life so not sure where the idea came from… but I think I’ve found where I want to stay – Phoenix.

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