Thomas Road

it’s 40 now not 35
it’s 40 now not 35
i don’t know why you can’t drive
it’s 40 now not 35
the sign is back there
look, there’s another
it went up back there 
oh brother
why are you slowing down?
i can’t get around
look, now the sign says 45 
you really need to learn to drive
we’ll miss the light by just a hair
how hard can it be
to go the right speed?
you’re texting, I see
this explains your lunacy
what are you doing?
why are you slowing?
your turning?
use the turn lane
oh now they speed
they have no where to go
traffic stopped just up a block
they’ll just have to stop
these lights are screwy
not synched at all
slow or fast you’ll hit each one
yellow then red and stalled again
its just a turn
no need to swerve out
you almost took that other car out
from 35 to 40 and up above
thomas raod 
then slow back down 
and wait again
these people drive
this route each day
and yet they’re slow
or in my way
I scream and yell
and hold up my fingers
showing them the speed
that somehow eludes them
cause why would we pay attention
or in case I forget to mention
put down our phones on our way back home 

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