Bad Diabetic

I’m a bad diabetic. I don’t take care of myself, watch what I eat or care really.

During a hospital stay a few days after the initial diagnosis they asked me ‘Are you planning to do anything about your diabetes?’ The diagnosis was Thursday this was Sunday so I told them that, what could I have done in four days. During the stay they managed my carb intake, gave me insulin shots and kept me at a good blood sugar level.

I did try, initially to eat better and the doc prescribed me Metformin, which I took. I even went so far as to buy strips a meter and needles to test myself… though what the results were to mean I had no idea. I didn’t track my results or know what 125 meant in the morning or 155 meant at night, I was just testing myself at random because they told me to test.

I really love rice, the texture the feeling of it kind of melting in my mouth. I love it, I want it with everything. Not “brown rice” regular old white rice, I can cook it easily takes about 17 minutes. I have it with chili, chicken, beef, whatever… I just love rice. But rice is carbs and carbs are bad for diabetics. So when I make my meals for the week and it includes a good serving of rice, this doesn’t help. At night I usually eat a pizza, yes the whole thing. A stop at an Indian restaurant once a week for Chicken Tikka, but again that means rice.

Soda is also a downfall, what I like to drink is Rockstar Pure Zero Fruit Punch, it has like 20 calories and one carbohydrates, that’s not bad… but if I go out to eat (and I don’t eat out much) I have a regular soda, 240 calories and lots of carbs too. On a normal day I drink between 1 and 2 gallons of water, I’m not kidding. I have a half gallon container that I fill up at work twice, sometimes three times and at home I drink 2 – 3 32 oz containers a night.

I really hate, exercise. Not a fan at all. I did try recently some personal training sessions and didn’t like them at all. I spent about 3 months doing this and at healthier at the same time…. didn’t make my numbers go down much at all. So the doc changed my meds and now I’m taking Janumet XR. Janumet is a huge horse pill and hasn’t made a dent in my numbers either.

I’m currently using a testing system called Dario – it’s a nice little all-in-one system that works with your smart phone. It’s compact, fits in my pocket and is intuitive. Every morning I test before I eat or pee and it’s 135 – 156. I’ve had valleys of 102 or 106 but mostly they stay in the high range. I’ve never had higher than 156. I guess good numbers are below 100, but I don’t test there. Dario is pretty cool though and I like the software which tracks your measurements, gives you advice on health and food.

I don’t have any repercussions. Nothing has gone bad, I still have my teeth, my eyesight is just as bad as it always has been and my feet are fine. Mayo Clinic has a page all about Diabetes from causes to complications and if I look at that there are a lot of dangerous things that could happen to me. I’m apathetic, if it happens it happens.

I see my primary care physician next week and I’ll ask him what the big deal is, maybe he can explain why I’m supposed to care so much. Last time I saw him he advised I lose 10 pounds and I think I’ve put 10 on instead.

There is some consideration in eating better again, but I find it so boring. I drank some Glucerna and while tasty it wasn’t as satifying as a meal can be. I can’t recall if I felt full or not after drinking it, which is also a good feeling that I like. They do have bars also, but I’ve not seen them yet in the store, so maybe I’ll try those out.

All in all, I’m a bad diabetic. I don’t take care of myself or really feel any need to care about this disease and I probably should.

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