Unsolicited Preaching

This post may offend some of the more religiously inclined… this don’t bother me, just thought you should have a warning.

I officially have laryngitis – thanks Doc, I kind of figured that. I’ve been asked to refrain from talking, yelling or singing (My Doc has a sense of humor). This is hard to do really, the singing part… I don’t really yell often. Not talking is proving to be harder than i thought too, but I’ll get there. What the doctor didn’t say was laughing is bad too – when I laugh I seem to lose more of my voice… no no jokes damn you.

I didn’t need to worry yesterday about laughing – I received an unsolicited message from a Facebook “friend” spewing Bible verses at me.

This woman was a friend of my biological mother’s when we were children. I remember her being as ungodly as the next person but now that she’s found Jesus it’s her duty to convert the smart and logical apparently.

I tried to talk to her logically – ok, well maybe I was offended at the unsolicited Jesus Mumbo Jumbo – but she was all about him “saving me” and how if I “just believed and prayed” I’d be a better person.

I told her she was delusional and too old to have imaginary friends and it was rather rude of her to inflict her hate spewing, woman and gay hating god at other people. All part of his mysterious plan…

Like bone cancer in children (thank you Stephen Fry) – how dare you create bone cancer in children and say it’s “part of you’re all knowing plan” sure you needed another “angel” so you took an innocent child – this doesn’t seem like the kind of God I’d want anything to do with.

I’ve seen variations on a cartoon:

Atheist: What kind of people are in heaven?

Believer: people like me

Atheist: What kind of people are in hell?

Believer: people like you

Atheist: you need to work on your threats

I can’t imagine spending eternity with people like her – hell even five minutes is too much.

I don’t send people messages telling them their idiotic for believing in ancient mythical creatures – I assume they know. I don’t go door to door spreading the word of logic and common sense – some people have it and others are too afraid to see it – that’s why they have faith – fear.

Fear is religions tool to keep the sheep in line – keep you paying out your 10% tithe each week and believing ancient text books about eating flesh, drinking blood and a God who sends his son down so we can kill him so he can forgive us… yeah… I can wrap my head around that.

I’m ranting. I was mad at this woman – who’s past is known to me – for the audacity of sending me a message about God. When all I remember about you her is being a party girl that cared little for others except herself. You’re imaginary friend may forgive and forget but I remember. Many of your so called brethren wouldn’t let you in heaven based on what I know and I’m thinking the God they believe in is a real as the one you believe in, so don’t worry… you’re just going to die Like everyone else.

We are from stardust, we return to stardust. There is no ever after and I don’t have a clue why anyone would want there to be.

TLDR: Don’t preach your god bullshit at me you old whore

One thought on “Unsolicited Preaching

  1. It’s definitely a problematic subject. I think your religious beliefs should be treated like your sex life, if you want to talk about it you will, otherwise leave it alone and private. I hope your throat feels better asap!


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