The sick thing keeps holding on and continues to be sick – I wasn’t actually referring to the President but it applies there too.

My cough remains (and it drains me, saps all my energy) and the more I talk the less I can talk – it seems. I folded a load of laundry this weekend and had to take a nap after as I was beat. The only thing that has been alleviated since I started the antibiotic is pain. My throat doesn’t hurt any more and that’s a really nice thing – thank you science.

I’m going to call my doctor this morning and try to see him to see if this is something else or just a virus thing. Hopefully he can get this all sorted out.

Work folks think it’s a nice change from me talking all the time and my friend Vanessa is happy I’m not singing at my desk all day (I’m never sure if she doesn’t like my singing or just finds it odd that someone sings at the job).

Last night, having been awakened by another fit of coughing I lie in bed thinking about the state of the world. It’s a fearful time right now with the orange skinned one running the Oval office like most of us thought he would.

I was thinking, again, about how vastly different the opinions of the country are and what motivates us. It’s scary to think we are at such extremes as this but it is certainly possible. The Civil War was fought over two very differing opinions – some thought keeping slaves was ok, some thought it was not. There’s no middle ground there just people who know they are right and others are wrong.

During the last eight years of the Obama presidency there were those who were convinced Obama was coming for their guns and their freedoms. I still saw no evidence of that or anything to indicate there were freedoms taken away during his term.

No so with the current term, he’s on week two and attempting to change the fundamental ideas of what made this country the greatest nation (a title we have surely lost by now).

Again, last night, I was thinking I should buy a gun. I should buy several. To defend myself against a tyrannical government – which we now seem to have. Once all the people who are currently actually being threatened with removal of rights have armed themselves… then you gun nuts can finally be telling the truth, for then the government really will come for everyone’s guns. (even a broken clock is right twice a day)

The President and his religious friends surely want to remove my basic rights as a gay man. They have stated many times they think what I do in bed is an abomination (how would they know, I’ve heard I’m very good) and in violation of God’s laws.

I didn’t vote for your God, nor did I vote for this President. So keep your barbaric ideas out of our government and world would you?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – religion is the root of all evil. Nothing ensures that the stupid and easily manipulated will do what you ask so much as religion and fear.

This may anger some of my religious friends and that’s ok, get angry. I know you get inspiration and faith from your “God” and what harm is there in that.

I get inspiration and faith from Superman comic books, I do. But I don’t believe Kal-El is real or ever was real, this keeps me from jumping off of building thinking I could fly or be saved by a man of steel. Reading comic books teaches me about morals, hope and love but I don’t consider them sacred text and doom others who don’t believe as I do… that would be crazy.

But the religious believe what it says in their ancient books – snakes can talk, a man can live inside a whale, people die and live again 3 days later…

Lack of knowledge is our dilemma – the war against education (which is more real than the war on Christmas) is continuing to dumb down our population. The dumbing down of the population leads people to seek church – for what they can’t understand can always be blamed on “God works in mysterious ways”.

I shared recently a meme – “Krypton blew up because scientists were censored” after researchers in the government were censored.

We have elected officials who believe wind power is slowing the planet’s orbit; that prayer will bring rain to drought stricken lands; or prayer will heal homosexuals of their sin.

These people get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to govern our country. I’d rather they had education if they had that responsibility.

My fear, one of them, is that we are heading into a dystopian future I read about in books or see in movies. A world where education is punished and thinking freely leads to imprisonment or death. I don’t really think these are irrational fears (but do irrational people really think they’re being irrational?) and I fear for the continuation of our nation.

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