Fleeing Facebook

I deactivated my Facebook account today, there are several reasons – mostly the election results and the realization of how many of my “friends” are racist, haters and hypocrites.

But honestly for me it’s almost as big a time sink as World of Warcraft was. 

I wake up spend an hour looking at Facebook stuff, most of it inane. I look at what I posted for the last eight years, most of that inane too (on this day stuff). I get a notification for upcoming vacations, I hear that someone else hated someone else and I just don’t care.

I also recognize I have no idea who these people are. A handful of friends from high school, AA and family are all I really hadn’t hid from view already.

The only down side I can currently see is lack of promotion of this blog and that’s never been a big concern. You’d think that if I’m a good enough writer people will find me in other ways. Well, I can dream of someday being a good enough writer.

In the meantime I seem to have plenty of time on my hands to write, walk, sleep and work… so that’s all good.


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