A Heifer for Heffner #heifer4heffner

Tomorrow was supposed to be my wedding day. It was something I was really looking forward to, an event that brought me happy tears just planning it with someone I thought loved me. We had picked gorgeous flowers, a novelty cake, a quaint church with stunning views of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge (if the fog would have allowed), sappy music, dancing, delectable food… yep, we were going to go all out and celebrate our love for one another with our closest friends and family. But two months before the wedding he dumped me with no explanation and no goodbye.

Cold HeartedWritten by Zac Brown and Nic Cowan

Fell to my knees with a knife in my back,
Never thought you’d be the kind to do something like that,
But you did
Cold hearted

You talked so sweet, and your smell it made me weak,
And I fell so fast that I never thought to ask
If you were
Cold hearted

While planning the wedding we had some debate about a gift registry and I wanted donations sent to Heifer International, a great non-profit that provides animals and training of how to raise those animals to needy communities in all parts of the world. It’s pretty smart idea “teach a man to fish” and all that… The former betrothed was adamantly opposed to this idea as a vegetarian (er, sorry pescatarian – someone who eats some animals [fish] ) as these needy people would just wait for the volunteers to leave and then butcher the animal for food. I tried to reason with him and show him the documented evidence on the website, but he was stubborn and adamant about it. One of many reasons people think I probably dodged a bullet by not marrying him.

An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth
I want someone to hurt you, make you die the way I do
I don’t think that I could be so
Cold hearted

Pretty little words covered your dark and crooked heart
With a forked tongue I fell in love,
Then I fell apart
You are so
Cold hearted

Since he called off the wedding and I still have a resentment festering inside (yes, I am indeed poking it with a stick several times a day). I’ve decided to buy a Heifer through Heifer International to benefit some needy community. I urge you to also, it’s a great opportunity to help end world hunger. If you want to take the special time to honor my not getting married check out Heifer’s website and maybe make a contribution to them. I know times are tough right now in the US, but it’s a lot harder to live in some countries and we can help.

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth
I want someone to hurt you, make you die the way I do
I don’t think that I could be so
Cold hearted

Tomorrow night I’ll be dining with some friends at Fogo De Chao,  a Brazilian steakhouse – the more meat the merrier, they just keep bringing meat until you’re satisfied. A bunch of friends are joining me for dinner and friends all over the country will be joining me in spirit going out of their way to chow down on some meat! Love me some beef!

An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth
Want someone to hurt you, make you die the way I do

I don’t think that I could be so
Cold hearted 

What could be better than a cow for some needy community – besides the fact that I don’t actually have to spend any time in San Francisco or San Antonio ever again if I don’t want to. Life goes on, better fish in the sea and all that…

So today, please help me spread the word about Heifer International, stop and have a burger or a steak, shop for some leather, or pull a Palin and shoot something from a helicopter. Do it for Hefner, do it for the Heifer… My heart will appreciate it. Moooooo

And if you’re going to chow down on meat tomorrow please use #Heifer4Heffner on your Twitter feed.

And buy this song from the Zac Brown Band: Cold Hearted

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