Meeting Directories

Wouldn’t it be nice if meeting directories had little bios or disclaimers? So you could be forewarned or at least prepared for what your about to attend or not attend, as the case may be.

Here are some ideas:

Monday Night Topic AA 7:30

Disclaimer: About 65% of the attendees of this meeting also belong to the fellowship On and On… and they do go on and on.

Tuesday Night 12 and 12 Meeting 8:00

Disclaimer: Mostly a just a 12 meeting, they don’t like to read or follow the traditions. You also may find the step of the night to be 3 but the actual topic to be your bad day at the office.

Wednesday Night Gay Meeting 6:00

Disclaimer: Expect lots of references to black and white movie stars, fashion and how being gay is the cause of alcoholism. Everyone is fashionably late, this meeting time is difficult make on time, but if they do make it they look FABULOUS!

Thursday Night Open Speaker Meeting 7:30

Disclaimer: Dressed up, greeters, disciplined. Commitments, greeters, decent coffee, an cookies. Speakers usually talk about recovery and are inspiring.

Friday Night Newcomers 8:00

Disclaimer: Sadly most of the recovered community have repaired the wreckage of their past and have things to do on Friday nights, so this meeting is pretty chaotic. Lots of sickness here and no direction usually.

Saturday Noon Big Book Meeting

Disclaimer: This meeting can range from open discussion with no Big Book in sight, or reading the stories in the back of the book – ignoring the directions (Page 1 – 164) completely.

Sunday Serenity Step Meeting 7:00

Disclaimer: Step nazi’s. These people don’t tolerate whining, bitching or moaning. You’ll hear lots about the steps, history, traditions and service work at this meeting. Don’t be surprised if a sponsor is appointed to you.

Yeah… I think this would be beneficial, and it might certainly save me some time.

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