Customer Service Nightmare – Verizon DSL – Tech support

So I was having some issues with Verizon DSL, it would work for about 30 minutes then lose its connection, over and over again this was happening so I was getting frustrated and decided to take a chance and call Verizon Tech Support. I called the number and a woman with a thick indian accent answered the phone and walked me through several steps until we came to a No Access page that basically wouldn’t let us go any further. She informed me that if we had reached this page my router/modem was faulty and I would need a new one. After she transferred me to the ordering department, a nice lady there with another thick indian accent sold me a modem/router for @ $60. The modem should have shipped in 3 business days via UPS.

Then the Blizzard of 2010 hit DC and that was delayed, several times. So it was 7 days later when I was hooking up the new router and it wouldn’t let me finish. I would follow the instructions completely and then I would hit a wall and it would give me an error code and tell me to call Verizon Tech Support. At this point I still maintained a bit of hope that I would be on the internet in a few minutes.

Verizon Tech support was again answered by a gentleman with a thick indian accent and I wasn’t very patient with him. I did walk through the steps that he asked me to walk through and we tried several different things before ending up on a No Access page that was the same as the one from the week earlier. He said this meant my bill wasn’t paid. I tried to express to the man several times that this wasn’t the case, he conferenced in a woman (with a thick indian accent) in customer service to talk about my non-existent delinquent bill. Both myself and the lady in customer service tried to express to the tech support guy that there was nothing wrong with my service but he said there were other calls in the queue and he would call back once she and I fixed my account.

This is now 75 minutes later, and what should have been a simple set up was still not allowing me to access the internet. I tried to figure out if there were anything wrong with my account and the lady assured me there was not and then put me on hold for over 20 minutes so she could discuss with her supervisor the situation. I waited patiently and then was talked to by the supervisor who said they couldn’t help me, that I had to talk to tech support…

after raising my voice several times and asking when that might be and who was going to fix this issue they assured me they would call me back in 30 minutes (approximately 9:30 p.m.).

Being something of a techie, I tried a few other tweaks and adjustments and finally got the internet working, perhaps they adjusted my account on their end and didn’t tell me – I have no way of knowing but suddenly I was able to connect to the internet.

At 11:30 p.m. Verizon called, no one I had talked to previously, they just wanted to ask if I had gotten connected to the internet and I told them yes.

I’m calling Comcast tomorrow and well be switching over our services (Phone, and internet) to them. Then at the office I’ll get rid of them there as well. Bad customer service and jobs that could have gone to American’s all over seas… yep, no need to continue to give Verizon money at all.

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