The Benefits of Smoking

I wish that I was still a smoker, if it weren’t for the $6 a pack issue I might still be a smoker, it’s just too expensive to smoke anymore. But I do wish I were still one of the nations smokers – no, I don’t want a cigarette and I’m not having cravings for one, I’m just tired of smelling nasty ass things on the metro and on the sidewalk. It’s possible that I have developed a sense of smell that borders along the likes of Kal-El, but it’s doubtful… and this is sadly one more reason Superman could not exist in real life, I bet Lois smells like a five dollar whore to him… nasty.

Seriously, how much perfume do women think they need? If I can smell your perfume and your a half a block away from me that’s way too much, think of the damage your doing to the environment. I guess maybe straight guys are attracted to someone who dumped a bottle of smelly water on themselves but it does nothing for me. I shouldn’t have to leave a Metro car because I’ve gone to the other end and can still smell your overpowering nastiness. I was in an elevator today with a woman and she had so much perfume on and had to breath through my mouth for 4 floors and cover my nose with my finger, the scent lingered in the lobby of the floor for hours afterward…

Not to be outdone, there are some men that like a ton of cologne as well, now I guess they could all be straight guys and their cologne specifically designed to attract women, but really… that much? With guys it can be the opposite as well, they perhaps forgot to shower that morning and didn’t think the other hundred people on the metro car would mind that they smell like an old gym mat. Yeah, I’m not gonna notice that your nasty.

I never had these issues when I was a smoker, I never noticed perfumes or colognes or for that matter – my breath. Smokers, you have no idea how nasty your breath can be, your clothes, your hair… it’s just eeeewwww. But I think if you didn’t have to smell other smokers, or all these flowery folks on the subway, elevators and sidewalks it might be worth a $6 a day habit that would end my life early…. hmmm, I’ll have to consider.

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