Review, Renew, and then Redo

Last year was full of change. I started off the year unemployed had my appendix removed was offered a new job in a new city moved got a car and had to start driving regularly made new friends missed old friends had another surgery got severely depressed  Yeah, it was an interesting year. I look […]

The Difference

I was at a small birthday celebration for a friend Friday night when I overheard one of the attendees talking about being a foster parent. I listened as best I could over the din of the bar. You should have heard this woman talk about some of the kids she had come through her house […]

Twist Tied Past

Tonight at dinner I bit into my salad and found an unexpected treat. A twist tie from a bread bag or something had somehow ended up in my salad. I took it out and showed it to my waiter who then gave me the meal free, which was nice but not necessary, these things happen […]

Career and Locale Change #changes

For the last few months I’ve been taking classes at night a couple times a week (Tuesday and Thursdays) to learn to be a phlebotomist and yesterday afternoon I took the final exam and am now certified and set to begin my new journey. My instructors at Because We Care here in DC were just so amazing and […]

If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

In spite of knowing better and having lived in a home where I was fed real meals with meats, vegetables, milk and bread and butter – when I finally lived on my own my main meal almost every day was an entire sausage and pepperoni pizza. A standard 12 inch Tombstone or Roma’s pizza, cooked in the […]

What if everything changed?

The boss is talking retirement, the roommate (landlord) is talking about moving (once his Mom passes on) – well so what? Love my boss and my roommate, consider them family, but I’m ready to go too. It would actually be a pretty cool thing if these two things happened in conjunction and it forced me […]