Busy DC Visit

Saturday morning I was up early to catch a 6:30 flight to BWI. My first trip back to DC since I moved. I had called a cab the night before and they assured me they would be here on time – they called when I was still naked but I assured them I’d be down […]

My Experiences with DC AA

Lets be honest: I come from a different place filled with hard nosed, tradition preaching, big book thumping recovery. I recall an old friend in the program, Buck C. (who passed a few years back) who had come to the Eau Claire area from the south and struggled mightily with AA up there.  Each group […]

Tuesday Night Big Book Study 7:15 DCC

Just an upfront disclaimer: this is how I perceive things. You may not perceive things the way that I do. You might be offended or butt hurt at what I’ve had to say, if that’s the case you really shouldn’t be reading my blog… When I sobered up I was fortunate enough to be surrounded […]

I’m a homophobe?

I might be a homophobe, is that even possible? Well I guess it is. I was in Ft Lauderdale a week or so ago, hanging out with my friend Michael K and when I commented about something that he said he looked at me and said: “Oh, that’s right you’re a homophobe.” and I thought […]

Breakfast and a Beacon of Overpriced Eggs

This past Sunday we went to the Beacon Bar and Restaurant in our quest to find the elusive good breakfast place. We were seated immediately (it was 8:15 so no big surprise there) and asked almost immediately what we wanted to drink. The coffee (which came in a pot all for me) and the tea […]

Hunt for Breakfast Continues

The second week of our quest it was just me and Mark, Robert had had oral surgery and wasn’t up for solid foods at that point. I had suggested the week before that we go to the Diner, Mark thought that was a good idea so when he showed up on Sunday we headed that […]

The Quest for the Sunday Breakfast – Week 1

Since Annie’s Paramount Steakhouse in Dupont Circle has removed my favorite salad and refuses to bring it back – my friends Mark and Robert and I have begun our search for a new Sunday morning breakfast place. Our first stop, yesterday September 21st, was at La Madelline in Georgetown. We found parking immediately – it […]