Hunt for Breakfast Continues

The second week of our quest it was just me and Mark, Robert had had oral surgery and wasn’t up for solid foods at that point. I had suggested the week before that we go to the Diner, Mark thought that was a good idea so when he showed up on Sunday we headed that way. When we reached 18th street he headed left and I said “No, it’s to the right here”, seems we both meant different diners.

The one Mark was thinking of was actually not open so we headed down to Dupont Circle to eat at Kramerbooks. We stopped at the Grille to look at their menu before taking our seats in Kramerbooks. We knew the waiter so it was a nice sign. We sat outside, it was damp out and our table was rickety.

The food was not bad, but I think overall Kramerbooks lacked the ambiance that we’re used to and the table wasn’t very conductive to reading the newspaper.

The next week Robert was better and we headed up to the Diner that I thought of had a minimum 30 minute wait for a table of three and the line outside leading into the place had several children that looked like they might scream frequently (to be fair, I think most children look that way).

So we headed to the Grille on Dupont Circle. We all three ordered the buffett when the waitress finally came to talk to us. I found the Grille to be a bit expensive for what we got and the service was less than what we are hoping for. It may be a different story if we were to order something other than the buffett, but I don’t know… I had to motion for waitstaff to take our check 3 times before one of them actually did more than nod at me.

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