Breakfast and a Beacon of Overpriced Eggs

This past Sunday we went to the Beacon Bar and Restaurant in our quest to find the elusive good breakfast place.

We were seated immediately (it was 8:15 so no big surprise there) and asked almost immediately what we wanted to drink. The coffee (which came in a pot all for me) and the tea arrived fairly quickly.

We ordered our breakfast fairly quickly as well, Mark ordered eggs benedict, Robert ordered the French Toast and I ordered 2 eggs over easy. Both my meal and Roberts came with sausage, but they appeared to be two different types of sausage, mine was not bad and I’m not sure what Robert thought of his.

The table was large enough for us to read our morning papers, it was not overly noisy nor were we parked next to anyone (especially anyone reeking of cigarettes).

Robert didn’t particularly care for his French Toast, I didn’t particularly care for my potatoes. I found the prices to be a bit much ($4 for a cup of coffee).

With improved food and a little cheaper prices it might have made the cut. We may return to the Beacon, but not this week.

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