A Real Boy

All Q ever wanted was a real boy, he sits in the window pane watching the little boys toss a ball or frisbee, running about here and there. If he glances back inside he sees me in front of the PC or TV lost in some fantasy world. He’ll drag a string or cat nip […]

To Boldly Go Where No Cat Has Gone Before…

I’ve gotten a little smarter, I no longer spend 45 minutes attempting to put the cats in their carriers, I just scoop them up one at a time and carry them to the vehicle. “It’s ok baby, it will be ok, I’m right here.” The UHaul Truck proved to be better than most for the […]

Ready, Set…

I’m packed, mostly, the computer is still up (obviously) and I have some cleaning to do… but I am ready. I think it will be ok if I leave today, so that’s my goal, to head out for DC now, otherwise I’m basically sleeping on the floor tonight anyway.


I’m staying at my old place in DC over the weekend.I walk into the kitchen and my cats do not appear at my feet hustling for treatsThey do not race up and down the stairs or peek through the railing, as if to smile from a afarThe old blue couch is gone, moved to Chesapeake […]

Dark and Handsome

As I turn to leave I see the desperation in his eyes begging me to come back to bed for one last kiss. I would love to lay next to him, running my hands over his body, my fingers through his dark hair. He never wants me to leave, it’s always the same: his needs […]

Carpets, Cats and Coffee

The cats aren’t sleeping, I don’t think they are even eating much. When then venture from under the bed or the couch they only do so if I’m in view… sometimes Q wont come out even then. They jump at every noise, they aren’t interested in the windows nor their catnip toys… even the feather […]