Logging Off

I deleted my online presence, except for this blog and YouTube. Not just my Facebook, Twitter and TikTok, but also my Bear411, Silver Daddies, Growlr, Scruff and more. I didn’t make a post on Facebook about rage quitting or anything, I just deleted my accounts the other week. Far as I know I’m not out there anymore. One of my subscriptions expired while I was talking to a guy, but I just let it expire so he’ll never know what happened (unless of course he ends up here).

It’s a hard thing to get used to. I’m usually checking my phone every few minutes to see what notifications are new or who may have posted something that I want to see. So it’s a hard habit to break… I used to wake in the morning, check to see if I won the lottery and then browse Facebook – wishing a Happy Birthday to the celebrants. Now I check to see if I won the lottery and look at news… News is depressing and scary. Not winning the lottery is depressing too.

Will I stay offline? no telling really, the world is a social media experiment gone wrong.

I am hoping that being offline will encourage me to write more. I haven’t had a new post before this one since February. I still don’t have that urge to get out a story that I used to, before taking my anti-depressants, but maybe I can force myself to create content and it’ll keep me busy.

What should I write about is the question, I used to write about Alcoholics Anonymous and recovery, but since I stopped going to meetings I have less desire to talk about that stuff. Mind you I’m still sober, just not a meeting attender and I find it’s an ok life. Never had that “happy, joyous and free” that they promised, always just “ok”. I’ve also written some short stories and tried to write long stories as well, but I tend to get lost in them and don’t want to continue them.

Acitvision/Blizzard is releasing a new expansion for their game World of Warcraft, which I’ve been playing almost since launch, in November. That will keep me busy for a few month as I level characters up and get them geared. Looking forward to that.

There aren’t any movies out now or on the horizon that I’m excited about. There are movies I’ll see because I’m supposed to (Black Adam for instance). But nothing that make me want to see it day or release.

I am liking what I see on Disney+ – SheHulk and Andor are good. I wasn’t a fan of Moon Knight and I like him in the books. My friend says Ms Marvel was good and I only saw the first episode of that so I’ll check out the rest of it. I also have Paramount+ and like Picard, Strange New Worlds and rewatching old trek shows. It’s also football season, so I’ve been watching a few games and even placed a few bets.

I have trips booked to Ft Lauderdale for my birthday and Galesville for Xmas. My friends Jim and Ana have a new house so I’ll have to make the trek up there to see it and spend time with them. With my recent trips to Indianapolis and Appleton, I feel like I’ve been away a lot.

Work is going ok, not making as many sales as I would like, but my branches aren’t either so I feel less stressed about that then I probably should. I’m making my calls and sending out mass emails as well (which get me lots of replies, but most of them “no”).

I’ll try to post at least once a week, maybe I’ll share a few dreams or some of my short stories that haven’t made it on here yet. You could also suggest what you’d like to read and I can do that too.

Meanwhile, I’m getting back to playing World of Warcraft tonight. See you soon.

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