Burning Desire

Apparently we need some clarification! When the chairperson towards the end of the meeting says:

“does anyone have a burning desire – anyone feel like they might drink if they don’t share?” That means exactly what it says… IF YOU THINK YOU MIGHT DRINK TODAY SPEAK UP WE’RE HERE FOR YOU!

Below is a list of things that are NOT considered “burning desires” and instead more likely self-centered, ego-centric bullshit that none of us need to hear… chances are you’ve talked too much this week anyway, go help an alcoholic and get out of yourself already

Things not considered burning desires (that I’ve actually heard)

  • I’ll be teaching the clown school in Tempe this week and would love to see you all there
  • The Mental Health Workshop (the field you happen to work in) will be downtown this week and it’d be great if you could drop by
  • My 40th birthday (not AA birthday, belly button) party is this Saturday, it’s a potluck and we need more volunteers for food
  • No one talked about the point I was thinking of since the meeting started… well they did kind of but I can say it so much better and really need to, because sharing and stuff
  • I really loved what you said about cats, it just touched me spiritually

This is not a point in the meeting where you should speak up because you’re feeling the need to share your wisdom (especially if you’re on your third relapse and only have 60 days – take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth)

… ok, sorry… I feel better now

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