Frank Ocean in the Barber Shop

Today in the barber shop as Frank Ocean was playing in the background one barber said to the other “I disagree with his lifestyle, but man can that dude sing. I love his songs.” to which the other barber (My barber) said “his songs are just everything”.

I don’t think the barber really disagrees with his lifestyle at all. I’m sure he’d love to go to the fancy parties, the award shows and rub elbows with the rich and famous. I’m sure the money would feel just as good in his hands and buy him all the clothes, cars and people he wanted. All the girls and boys would want to meet him, hang out with him and bend their ear to his every whim…

The truth is the thought of one man sucking on another mans cock is not really his idea of a good time and hey, that’s ok he may be into all kinds of weird ass shit in the bedroom that I don’t want any part of too. If the thought of two men together in bed bothers you – quit thinking about it. If you like Frank’s music just groove to it and let it be what it is – powerful music.

Frank Ocean isn’t on our TVs or computers sucking cock. He’s not down on his knees on the red carpet. He’s just out there telling stories in songs and what good songs they happen to be. It shouldn’t matter one bit what his sexual orientation is if you like his music – I listen to all kinds of straight artists and don’t hold it against them (a few I’d like to hold against me) I just enjoy their music and stories for what they are.

Personally, I don’t want the celebrity lifestyle myself – who on Earth wants that many people poking their noses into your business? Not I.

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