Demons and Toast

Dream One

It was in the horse and buggy days and I found myself defending my allegiances. My accuser had gone so far as to say I could never be trusted again so I related a recent experience to him.

“Indeed, I have recently been stabbed through the chest with a demons sword.” I said

“I knew it, you’ve been corrupted. You are a taint upon all we’ve tried to do here. Kill him now.” he insisted

“As you all know it’s been many years now they’ve been trying to take my life so I had precautions set in place should just such a thing occur.” I said to the wide eyes and gaping mouths around me, “I had a spell set in place that would draw from my library a silver container containing an ancient rune that would be delivered to my familiar back at my estate – that container would open in front of him informing him of my predicament and giving him the means by which to purify me once again.”

In everyones mind sure enough they see a silver container being opened in slow motion in front of an ugly faced creature, no doubt my familiar.

“This proves nothing, even this vision you’ve place in our minds could be some kind of trick” he spat

“True, but it’s all I can offer and I’m afraid I cannot allow you to assault my reputation any more” I said and then turned and faded away.


Dream Two

There was a stage play going on, overly made up characters and everyone was a bit off. Suddenly the actress on stage stopped her line, put her hands on her hips and stared out at the end of the auditorium. We all turned to look and there was the male lead – clownish make up, victorian ensemble and rage just coming through like nothing. He screamed things at the actress and she screamed  things back before rushing the stage and declaring “I’ll never be on stage with a has been like you” to which she pointed to the floor of the stage he was standing on.

The audience erupted with laughter, I turned to look at everyone and there was Jason S motioning to me – Jamez, he said, the toast is fresh hurry before it’s all gone. Before I could even make it over to him there were hands reaching out for a piece of the toast everywhere and I was crowd surfing trying to make my way through the people.




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