Why Don't We Just Leave

I’ve been thinking it a long while before the most current riots by Islamist that have led to destruction and death – Why don’t we just leave.

Instead of having our young men and women scattered all over the world in military bases and embassies – I’d rather we had them here and we rebuilt our failing infrastructure and became better educators and students. I’d rather we spent the money we spend on wars and interfering in other countries right here.

“We have to be responsible” you say or they say “the US is the world police” but I don’t know why either has to be true.

I say we would be more responsible tot he human race if we focused on science, math, medicine, biology – hell learning and studying new ideas and concepts to better the world. Wouldn’t that be a better way to commit our citizens. If we have an army can’t it be an army for the betterment of man?

Think of the billions of dollars we spend on wars and covert wars – think of the good we could accomplish if we focused on what we could bring to the world instead of meddling over there in others business. I’d rather our young adults were here building something instead of over there shooting, bombing and enforcing our way of life on others – who apparently don’t want it – and losing their limbs and lives for the sake of corporations after oil profits and opium.

I mean I think it’s really stupid to protest over the US when an individual made a movie. Lets just get out and leave them to their ways. I say the same for all countries. I don’t give a rat’s ass about Israel or Beirut or anywhere else that decades of peace negotiations have come up with nothing – this is not our problem and clearly our involvement isn’t helping anyone, just pissing off others.

So bring them all home, set them on a better world, but let that better world start here in our back yard with new innovation, new technology, advancements in medicine, philosophy and the arts.

I may not be informed enough to make such a call, but I still think it’s a good move.

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