Timelines, Tuxedos, and Travel

This morning I have an appointment with Jody at Macy’s by Appointment to find the right tuxedo for me. Jody’s helped me in the past pick out some great clothes and he’s a really friendly guy too. I have no idea how long this will take or what I’ll like or dislike. I’ve thought about wearing a white tuxedo, but the last time I wore one my life changed for ever… which it will again, but I’m looking for more of a smooth transition. Since the wedding invitation had top hats, I am seriously considering a top hat – it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Bill showed up in a cowboy hat. I wanted to get matching tuxedo’s but Bill didn’t think that was relevant so he’ll do his thing and I’ll do mine *sigh*. At least I know he usually has good taste.

Thursday morning I’m heading back to San Antonio  for an extended weekend. Bill and I will be going over the DJ questionnaire among other fun things. It’s been about a month since I’ve seen Bill and it’s hard to be so far away, thankfully our next visit happens mid-April when Bill heads to DC for a week of touristy goodness. He wants me to show him DC as I know it, but seriously all I know about DC is how to avoid tourists… and he’s coming as a tourist so that’ll be hard 😉

I can’t really believe that we are a little over three months away from the wedding day – where the hell did the time go? Everything seems to be happening at once now and more and more of it. Flowers (A Simple Ceremony), DJs (Love in the Mix), Menu’s, Photographers (LostRacco), Hotel Rooms (Marriott San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf), Wedding Cakes (CakeWork)… there is a lot going on. I’ll be asking a friend later today if they’d be interested in being the point person during the big two days. If something goes wrong I want someone else to be able to make decisions for us as we’ll be rather obsessed about ourselves those days I think.

I’m also thinking that I need a really good bachelor party and considering that I’m getting married in San Francisco during gay pride weekend there should be lots of fun things for a sober guy who’s going to get married the next day to do. I think I’m supposed to let Suzanne (my best woman) plan all that, I’ll have to check the rule book, but hopefully we’ll get to see lots of hairy bear (bare) chested men and dance and stuff… who knows. Bill thinks he’s too old to have a bachelor party the night before the wedding, he’s an earth person and can drink. The wedding’s not until 2 I think he could pull off a nice night on the town with his friends – oh well, his choice I guess.

I’m excited and nervous about all that still has to be done… I’ll have to pray about all that.

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