Choosing Battles

Our President could be spending his time, energy and influence on getting our troops home safely from a war that he started erroneously. Instead, he and the GOP have decided the most important thing for them to focus on is discrimination and ways to encourage hate across the country.

How can same sex marriage be primary on an agenda when brave men and women of our country are losing their lives EVERY DAY. How is the private lives of people who love one another more important that saving lives of an American soldier?

Do our soldiers mean that little to you Mr. President? Are they just one more sacrifice in your vast agenda? Do you care so little for freedom, love and life that you have to focus on ways to ignite this blaze of hate in our country?

Figure out what’s important here… Sure this got you elected, but don’t you think the lives of American’s in danger every day, because of your decisions and lies, should be first on your list?

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