Start and Stop

“My mother was born in the psychiatric unit…” That’s how I always planned to start my book. It’s true… we think… and I like truth. Also it really kind of makes things seem like they happened for reasons. Some of the things that happened probably didn’t have to happen at all, but they happened nonetheless. […]


When I first started traveling to places outside my usual locale my best friend Pat asked me several times to send him post cards from those destinations. So occasionally I would get as far as purchasing a post card at that destination but then forgetting to send it out until I returned to DC and […]

Too Long Gone

God I really think I spent too much time in WI recently, Mouse (the cat) would agree with that statement. It’s just really nice to be home in my own bed, with my own shower. *contented sigh* Even though I had been in WI only three days before (for a funeral) on Friday I found […]


Many years ago my mother was in the ICU after having surgery and us kids got to go in and visit her. Almost immediately upon seeing her with all those tubes in her and looking rather ragged I felt faint. I wanted to grab on to something to hold on and then there were nurses […]

Old Age

This year I became old. Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking 40 isn’t old… I’d agree with you normally, but this year all kinds of things happened that made me realize that yes, I’m old. This is the year that other people told their children or grandchildren that my name was “Mr. Prudlick” which […]

foster home

brown house now blue gray hair then and now too Ma in rocker knitting Pa in recliner fear crawls up my spine my bags packed, all that is mine social worker pressures shoulder keeps me from running dinner together, conversation and laughter alien world, foreign notions – food a plenty tears delay that first night, […]