The Language of Driving

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been collecting different things I tell other drivers on the road. I figure it might be helpful to share this information with the rest of the world… because knowledge is power. These are just a couple of weeks worth, I assure you I have many more. “What the […]


*I don’t know why but this was stuck in my head and had to get out* Another long day at the office, he missed the sun again – in before the crack of dawn and out after sunset, and for what? So that asshole boss can point out his shortcomings again and again. If that […]

Thomas Road

it’s 40 now not 35 it’s 40 now not 35 i don’t know why you can’t drive it’s 40 now not 35   the sign is back there look, there’s another it went up back there  oh brother   why are you slowing down? WTF, WTF, WTF i can’t get around

Getting Around

I’m finally to the point, I hope, where I don’t have to use my GPS every time I want to go somewhere here. I know how the city works and can find my way to most places with little trouble. It’s even reached the point where I am getting to know stupid intersections that I […]


May already, wow how times flies. Having to drive every day is a big change from life in Washington DC where I could walk or Metro almost anywhere. The morning commute is pretty easy and relaxed, my work day starts at 7:30 (so I’m there by 7:15) and traffic is still pretty light that early. […]