Elton John in Concert

I spent 2 1/2 hours listening to Elton John play oldies and the new stuff in the Hall at Atlantic City. When he first walked onto the stage tears came to my eyes; lets face it this man is a legend in any age bracket. The songs he played of yesteryear, were the ones you […]

Listening Station

What am I listening to? Under the Influence Of Giants, their self titled debut album is spectacular. I seriously listen to it over and over again. Trust me here, give it a listen, its very catcy fun and has a great beat.

Bunchism by Proxy

It was the same every night, she’s sit there; bare legs tucked under her, a romance novel in one hand and the other holding some chocolate or perhaps a fork with a piece of steak on the end. Usually, if us kids had been lucky we had Mac and Cheese for dinner… if not just […]


On the radio this morning they said Garth Brooks was releasing a new single. They also said something about an album… I can’t find this news online, which is very annoying.