Elton John in Concert

I spent 2 1/2 hours listening to Elton John play oldies and the new stuff in the Hall at Atlantic City. When he first walked onto the stage tears came to my eyes; lets face it this man is a legend in any age bracket.

The songs he played of yesteryear, were the ones you always expect to hear; From Bennie and the Jets to the Bitch is Back. The Captain and the Kid was the history lesson a look back into his first submissions and travels from days gone by.

The sound was bad at times, but not as bad as the woman beside me… her swinging arm and alcohol breath were almost too much to take during this brief fest. The song Elton played when she was at her worst was, Someone Saved My Life Tonight and I looked up to heaven to find the light.

A moment like this I’ll never forget, and I really need to go out and buy Captain Fantastic.

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