Sunny, Windy, Fun in Ft Lauderdale for my 41st

For my 41st I made my usual trip to Ft Lauderdale. I stayed at the Royal Palms Resort,an all male clothing optional resort that I’ve stayed at before. Friday was pretty windy and a bit chilly, I hoped that it was not going to last as I enjoy sitting in the sun by the pool. […]

Happy Birthday Ryan

My little brother Ryan turns 38 today.. I’m three years older than him. When I see him at this age it’s always a little bit of a shock. I have an image of him from when we were kids that always comes to the forefront when I picture him – it’s nothing like he looks […]


Yesterday, it was all I could do to not smack the happy couple walking in the middle of the sidewalk in front of me – holding hands, smiling, bumping into one another. I did manage to just walk by them and not smack them with my bag… but I was tempted. It’s not only that […]

40th Birthday Trip

Turning 40 isn’t exactly something I was ever looking forward to, but I did make the best of it that I could. I had a great birthday trip with a great man and will tell you all about it. First, let me say really disappointing part of my trip was the service by US Airways. […]

Old Age

This year I became old. Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking 40 isn’t old… I’d agree with you normally, but this year all kinds of things happened that made me realize that yes, I’m old. This is the year that other people told their children or grandchildren that my name was “Mr. Prudlick” which […]

My Birthday Wish

This year for my birthday, December 6, 2009, I’m trying to raise cash for the Midnight Mission a non-profit organization in LA that helps the homeless and has a 12 Step approach. If you’re planning to give me a gift this year I would certainly appreciate a small donation to this worthy charity. Their mission […]

Never Quite What I Expected

This was quite possibly the oddest year I’ve ever had. I started out the year surrounded by a host of friends supporting me during a small crisis and ended up the year with a host of friends surrounding me during a major crisis. I’ve been very fortunate to have such good friends, family and mentors […]

My San Diego Adventure

I had a great time. Oh, you need more… hmmm. The flight was uneventful, I did get to upgrade to first class for a small fee, and afterward I couldn’t tell you that there is a difference on US Airways between First and Coach, perhaps they ignore completely the folks in Coach and only slightly […]

Malicious Wounding

Today, June 20th, I went to the County of Arlington Courthouse to testify in regards to the incident listed here: On May 2nd, 2007, at approximately 9:00 a.m. as I descended the Metro Platform escalator to Terminal C at Ronald Reagan National Airport I heard a man say loudly “you don’t know who you messin’ […]


I’m 36, and trying to decide if that means anything. I mean sure, 6 * 6 = 36, but that can’t mean anything right? 12/06/2006 lots of sixes in there also… 6*2 =12, 06 (duh), and 2006. 12*3 = 36 and of course 3*2=6. Number, math who needs its. Just one more strange coincidence… Of […]