I’m 36, and trying to decide if that means anything. I mean sure, 6 * 6 = 36, but that can’t mean anything right? 12/06/2006 lots of sixes in there also… 6*2 =12, 06 (duh), and 2006. 12*3 = 36 and of course 3*2=6. Number, math who needs its. Just one more strange coincidence…

Of course this year I also turned 12 years sober, there are two more. The Twelve Steps of AA, the Twelve Traditions, Promises, Principles… lots of 12s more so than 6s. Bill Wilson (the founder of AA) thought there were 6 steps in the Oxford groups, and based his 12 on those 6. The Oxford groups dismiss this notion, and say they never had any steps. But, if they did, perhaps the number six has more spiritual meaning than any of us realized.

Perhaps all those times in Vegas, when you bet on “Lucky Number 7”, had you bet on the real number, 6, you would have won. Cats with 9 lives? Lets claim dyxlexia, say the person to come up with this just saw a 6 and not a 9 at all… dang, are my cats doomed to pass on at any moment?

36, just another number, just another year surrounded by the best of people. I’ll never be able to find anything clever about 37… next year, we’ll just go off somewhere sunny and relax… oh, wait, I do that already.

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