The Robbery – A Short Story

The 7-11 was crowded for a Friday night, lots of people in and out. Jordan was waiting for the right person and the right pause in traffic to make a move. No couples, no kids, only a solo target was going to be easy enough. It had been too long since he’s had to rob anyone and he was feeling rusty.

Jordan was an average sized man, standing 6 feet tall and weighing about 250. He had a shaved head and wore a closely trimmed beard. 

It was approaching ten o’clock and he was getting hungrier, his stomach grumbled a few times too often and he wasn’t sure how much longer he could wait it out. Finally he saw a younger looking guy go into the store by himself, he had parked near the end of the parking spaces and would be shrouded in the dark, perfect… now if only the other customers would cooperate. 

The guy was taking a long time in the store and Jordan started to get antsy. “Breathe Jordan, breathe, patience, this will be fast and easy.” He unsheathed his knife and gave it the once over, still looked pretty menacing in the dark and should be all he needs to pull this off. He skulked closer to the parked car and found a shadow to hide in. 

He’d been out of work now for four weeks and the kitchen at home was bare, he was only doing what he had to to survive. Due to his work record he wasn’t able to collect the full amount of unemployment and he found it hard to survive on just $138 a week. Food was an essential need at this point and he needed extra money to make it. This poor sap was about to help him whether he wanted to or not.

He had asked his parents for help, but they couldn’t help being in the assisted living facility was expensive enough they said. His dad even suggested he pull himself up by his bootstraps and get a real job, like he hadn’t tried to find a new job, but the economy was crashed and only the millionaires and billionaires seemed to be doing ok, though to hear them talk they too were feeling the pinch. Jordan would take their kind of suffering over his any day.

He grabbed the medal of Saint Christopher that hung around his neck and prayed for forgiveness and strength as the man approached. 


Ed, 5’9” tall, about 210 slim built and wearing glasses was out on a Friday night just to pick up some snacks and buy a lottery ticket. The jackpot for Saturday night was $350,000,000 and he was already planning how to spend it all. In the 7-11 he grabbed a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos, a pack of Twizzlers and two cans of Rockstar Pure Zero Punched, his favorites. He approached the counter and stood in line waiting for his turn and thought to himself maybe a scratcher or two would be in order as well, what the hell.

Finally at the counter he placed his stuff down, grabbed his wallet and asked “Can I get 5 Powerball tickets for tomorrow and two of these scratchers” pointing to $10 tickets in the display. 

“These?” the teller, a middle aged middle-eastern man with a bushy mustache, asked pointing to the right ones “Yeah, those” 

Ed paid for his items with cash, stuck his Powerball ticket into his wallet and headed out the door.

“You forgot your scratchers” the clerk called 

Ed slapped himself on his forehead and walked back in. “Lucky you caught me, maybe it means these are winners.” 

“Good luck” said the clerk smiling. 

Ed smiled at him and thought to himself how lucky that was and maybe these would be winners after all. A couple extra dollars would be nice. As he approached his car he hit the key fob to unlock it and moved his bag to his right hand. 

He just saw Jordan step out of the shadows as his hand reached the door handle. Thinking it must just be another customer he didn’t think anything of it.

“Give me your wallet.” Jordan said loudly with as deep a voice he could manage, he was hoping it would be harder for him to be identified if he were caught. He had slipped a bandanna over his mouth and nose to obscure his features and hoped that would be enough. He held the knife firmly and hoped his target couldn’t see how much his hand was shaking.

Ed felt adrenaline surge through his body and his fight or flight reactions came to the forefront, this was one time he wouldn’t lie down and take it. He wasn’t planning to hand over anything to this thug. He looked over his shoulder and saw the man and thought – I can take him, I know I can. He slowly turned around and faced his attacker.

“Slow buddy, slow, just hand me your wallet and no one will get hurt” Jordan said twisting the knife and hoping the distant lights would make it glint and look more menacing. 

“I’m not giving you my wallet” Ed exclaimed “scram, get out of here” he said and tried to shove Jordan away. 

“Not messing around here buddy, give me your wallet.” He backed out of Ed’s reach and held his knife up.

Ed hadn’t seen the knife earlier and now was a bit more cautious yet still determined not to get mugged and give up his money. He tensed up his body and got ready to make a grab for the knife – he swung his bag out at Jordan’s head and went to grab the knife with his left hand. 

Jordan panicked and ducked. When he came up his struck with his knife welding hand and stuck Ed in the belly. He couldn’t believe he had just done that and yanked the knife out – blood gushed and Ed fell to the ground with a gasp. 

“Dude, why didn’t you just give me your wallet. What the fuck” Jordan said. He had to get out of here, but he had waited too long for this. He reached down and found Ed’s wallet and grabbed it and then seeing the Doritos in the bag he grabbed that too and he ran.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK” Jordan thought as he ran for his car. This was bad, bad. What was he going to do. “Just run”, he thought “get home and we’ll figure this out” he pulled his bandana down and ran for his car and hoped he wouldn’t run into anyone. 

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