Jalapeños Today

I ate Jalapeños today.

This isn’t really big news I suppose, I’ve likely eaten them before in salsa or something someone fed me and not known. But today at a restaurant I actually saw them in with my steak and thought – what the hell, lets wrap it up in the tortilla and eat it. How bad could it be really.

Reputation of Jalapeños had me anticipating a mouth of fire.

It was nothing, nothing. I wouldn’t even call it spicy. I was bored with that tortilla wrapped meal… it didn’t get my blood boiling or even clear my sinuses. UGH.

Maybe they’re hotter if they’re raw? I’ll have to give that a try in the near future. See I’m a picky eater, don’t really like to try new things. So Jalapeños was a big step for me, or at least I thought so.

I was reading a news headline (that means I didn’t click it to read the information) that said Picky eating is a disease or is diagnosable or some nonsense. I don’t buy that, I mean some people just don’t like some things.

Me – can’t stand most sauces. No BBQ sauce, no Mayo, no glazes, no nothing on my stuff. I find it takes away from the flavor of the actual thing and I have a mouth full of sweet or sour or nasty ass mayo crap.

Have you tried to buy a frozen vegetable in the grocery store? It’s near impossible to find some without out “sauces” or “seasoning”. Damn people – a fresh sugar snap pea or niblet of corn can taste great… damn I wonder if I should have been a gardener or something. Nah, too much work.

I have been cooking some stuff – mostly chicken. For Christmas I got a rice cooker from the bosses and I’ve been trying some different things with rice.

Most of the time I bake chicken in the oven after rubbing it with a mix of curry powder, pepper, chili powder, and a bit of cumin. Very hot and spicy it ends up being. i eat this 4 or five times a week and really like it. usually with rice.

This weekend I tried something new. I wanted to try to make “lemon” chicken. So I purchased a bunch of lemons and juiced them. Cleaned up my chicken breasts. Added a little water and a lot of pepper to the juice and soaked them for like a day. Smelled really good when I prepped them for the oven.

The end result was dry, very dry compared to the other way I make chicken (with the curry) and I’m not sure why. I would have thought soaking in lemon juice and water for a day would have made it juicier not dry.

Anyway, I’m going to see what else I might like – maybe branch out to pork or something.

I’ll certainly have to try some other peppers too – since the Jalapeños were a disappointment.

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