The Belly Button of Thirst

Contrary to what many may believe I don’t dream about Superman often, but last night I did and it was very odd.

The last son of Krypton and I were traversing through the universe and came to a planet primarily composed of water. I was being carried in Superman’s arms much like Lois Lane and whispered in his ear that we should check this place out. 

We lowered into the atmosphere and were flying around looking at the beauty of this planet – water was almost everywhere and sparkled the light from the sky in great colors – it was amazing. We finally found a species there and Superman lowered me to the ground.

I was smiling at the aliens and reached out my hand to greet them but all eyes were on Superman. They were frowning at him and waving him away, they didn’t want him anywhere near. They seemed to think I was ok and Superman just shrugged and said “I’ll come back for you after flying around a bit.” 

The people led me to their local village and fed me some food that was amazing. I couldn’t understand them at first but then they pulled out some device and suddenly it was like they were speaking like me all the time. It was so much easier then to talk to them  and I was curious about what their culture was like, but all they wanted to do was float down the river. 

They gave me a flotation device and we were all relaxing as the river gently moved us down the river. I had a drink in my hand and was really feeling relaxed. 

Superman flew back and was upset, he seemed to be very thirsty and asked to have a drink. The inhabitants of the planet again wouldn’t let him come near – they said it was forbidden. 

I argued with them that this was Superman and we needed to give him water, he was a hero. 

The aliens said there was one compromise – Superman could have as much of the water that I could gather using only my belly button

Superman was dismayed and I was really freaked out.. what the hell was this about, why did the not like this man so much.

Then I woke up… like that… it was so weird… but I’m pretty sure the message is that Superman is an outie and the aliens found that offensive… poor guy. For all we know all kryptonians are outies and don’t have innie belly buttons…

and here all this time people thought kryptonite was his only weakness

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