High Results, Bad News

So I tried out a new doctor Monday and she’s alright, mostly I went for a surgery consult (more on that later) but also my high cholesterol medication ran out so I needed some more of that – it’s the only medicine that I really take.

eeeeww, health food
eeeeww, health food

I have a history of high cholesterol you can see listed in these posts:

Bad Blood

Bad Exercise

Moving from the walking city of Washington DC, where I didn’t have to own a car for 15 years to a city where I drive sometimes even 2 blocks away… well things are bound to not be good. Lack of exercise isn’t really a good thing for anyone they tell me.. but I rarely think other people are right. 🙂

So the results of my blood test (that wasn’t done fasting) was pretty high in all the wrong places… but my medicine ran out over a month ago and I just bought my bicycle on Saturday. The doc doubled my dose… which i’ll pick up today on the way home… who knows how that’s going to affect me.

I’ll see what I can do about eating some more healthy type foods… and I’m certainly going to avoid eating any Thai, ever again eeeewww

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