Friends, Memories and Time

In May of 1988 I graduated high school with a whole bunch of people I hardly knew. See I’d been at G-E-T High (that’s really the name of the school) for only 2 years after I’d been shipped off to foster care because I was a dirty rotten thief – actually, more of a petty thief or a snatch and grabber… To be fair, I can only recall a handful of the folks I went to school with in Whitehall also and I spent many years in elementary and high school with those folks.  – I think drugs did a lot to my memory….

GET High
GET High

It was mentioned to me that it’d be nice to get together and I created a Facebook group and invited a bunch of the old gang. A year later we all actually showed up. Some of these people I hadn’t seen in 22 years. People get new jobs, join the military, marry, move a million times and disappear from our radar – one good thing about Facebook is the ability to find some of these folks again.

We had a dinner Friday night at Wason’s Supper Club outside of Galesville and most of us were there, we quickly fell into old patterns of solving the worlds problems and rolling our eyes at one another. Time may have come and gone but we are all basically the same people – the same friends – we were back in school.

Saturday we had a bar-b-q, and even with a few of us getting lost we all managed to find our way to the old cabin where we used to do all manner of things which young people do that they are encouraged not to :-). Someone found a radio station that played old 80s music and we all brought food and drinks.  Just being in the cabin stirred up all kinds of old memories:

beer parties

pot smoking

don’t worry the alcohol will kill whatever is wrong with you, just take a sip

warm fires in the cold winter

getting snowed in for a few days and running out of booze – that was terrible, running out of booze is unforgivable

the old nicknames: Burnout, Sleazy, Zeus… more I can’t recall

I had to head out early and didn’t get to chat with all of my old friends as much as I would have liked, but it was nice to see them. They are people that help make me who I am today a million different ways and I’m glad I had them in my life them and hope that i’m lucky enough to have them in my life for however long I have.

2 thoughts on “Friends, Memories and Time

  1. You will always be a mysterious beautiful man to me. I was attracted to your spirit when I first saw you. It was like a connection from a previous life, it such things exist. I don’t understand it. It drove me nuts as I was working on your portrait. My partner became a little jealous because of my obsession with your image. I look at your face everyday, but I need to move your portrait out of my studio before I accidently splatter paint on it. I confess that I am going to miss looking at it when it goes to its new home, but I don’t want it piled up with all my other work waiting for the big bonfire with I die.

    I hope you don’t mind that I shared your blog on Tumblr. That is where I have mine.


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