Olympian Ink

I knew I had wanted a tattoo honoring the ancient Greek gods for a long long time. I have been a fan, a student of the gods since … well as far back as I can remember. In high school I even worshiped them as a real religion for a while. There was even an elaborate story written with my friend Ted where he and I were children of the Gods trapped here on Earth due to the vicious jealousy of Hera (note: this is long before Hercules: The Legendary Journeys or Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson – the Lightning thief)

my lightning bolt tattoo

First I went with a lightning bolt, I got a blue and red one as I have blue and red Superman crest on my other arm, but that didn’t seem enough.

So next I got the word Zeus tattooed on my lower back – a tramp stamp if you will (yeah, I can be a tramp).

But even that didn’t seem to do it, so I thought long and hard about what it was that I wanted.

Back in high school I had somehow ended up in woodworking class – I think this was my mothers idea, or maybe we had to take a class like that – kind of like gym or math – something stupid I’ll never do again unless I have to. Everyone else was making gun racks (it is WI after all) or chests and I started to make a chest but it was pretty awful – the teacher told me I should make something that mattered to me so I opted for a symbol for the gods. I called it a star chart – had nothing to do with stars, but had a symbol to represent each of the Major 12 Greek gods. At first I tried carving the symbols in, but I have no talent there, so the teacher taught me how to use a wood burner and I burned the symbols into the wood. I had a lightning bolt for Zeus, a peacock for Hera, a trident for Poseidon, a skull and cross bones for Hades, a sun for Apollo, a moon for Artemis, a sword for Ares, a heart for Aphrodite, a… um, I can’t remember what I had for Hephaestus, a caduceus for Hermes and grapes for Dionysus. In the center of the star chart was this drawing I used to put after I signed anything, kind of a mixture between the Van Halen V looking symbol and Johnny Quick’s symbol (Johnny Quick ironically got his powers by reciting a mathematical equation… oy). The star chart was lost during a move during my drinking days, probably didn’t survive – it was just stained and varnish varnished decorated wood – but powerful wood – lol, powerful wood.

So I thought maybe I’d like a tattoo with those symbols so I started to design what I wanted over a year ago. I’m not much of an artist so it was pretty basic. My idea was given to my tattoo guy Matthew at Jinx Proof Tattoos in Georgetown, who came up with this basic drawing:

Matthew's drawing based on my rough idea

He had also come up with a bunch of the symbols representing the gods, which eerily reminded me of the Star Chart, but I opted for the more artistic version.

I had six sessions with Matthew over the last few months, with a minimum 2 weeks between each visit to ensure proper healing. Last night we finished and I’m really glad. It was expensive, it was time consuming, it was totally worth it!

Olympian Ink Tattoo

3 thoughts on “Olympian Ink

  1. Now it looks fantastic,
    You need to get this picture printed out and mounted in a frame,
    That way you can see it as well.


  2. nope, didn’t have the iPad with me – Matthew and I have a lot in common. Sci-Fi, books, games, tattoos, politics – so we’ve talked about a million things.


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