Attack of the Bridezilla!

So there is some debate about who’s the bigger Bridezilla, while I’m certain I’m not a Bridezilla at all, Bill seems to think that I am. So I’m interested in your opinion based on the information provided below:

  • Wants a church wedding: Bill
  • Wants to elope: Jamez (is in love, yes, but needs less pomp and circumstance)
  • Wants flowers for all the family and sponsors – Jamez
  • Wants a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner: Bill (it’s a small ceremony, but someone has lots of big ideas for it)
  • Wants a reception: Jamez (I figure if all those people are coming – we have to feed em)
  • Wants a dj for the reception: Jamez (if we’re going to feed all those people, we need to provide a way to burn off the calories)
  • Wants a photographer: Bill (I figure all our friends will take pictures why pay someone to do what our friends are already doing?)
  • Wants a red-velvet cake with cream cheese frosting: Bill (I don’t like cake)
  • Thinks we need to designate one of our friends or family as the “coordinator”: Jamez

Thanks for participating in this very unscientific poll, this will help someone get over their denial.

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