Love Songs

It wouldn’t be fair to say that I don’t have any love songs in my music collection, but it sure seems that way. Most of the songs in my current rotation that have to do with love are about loves lost, taken away, unobtainable or forgotten. Other songs are usually about “self” and finding your way back to yourself… not sure what that’s about.

I do have some love songs: “Love, Love Me Do” The Beatles, “Love is a Beautiful Thing” Phil Vassar, “Let’s Make Love” Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, “Greatest Love of All” Whitney Houston… and so on.

But the majority of the love songs are about the unobtainable or lost love: “Jessie’s Girl” Rick Springfield,  “I Miss You A Little” John Michael Montgomery, “Every Time I Hear Your Name” Keith Anderson… And the rest of my songs are about life situations and dealing with them… well except for a few Modest Mouse, Queensryche, Weird Al… I do like variety.

Maybe it’s just I can’t find the right love song to match what I’m feeling, that’s possible. But then I hear a phrase in this song or a chorus in this one that almost meets what I need.  I guess I’ll just keep listening and hope to find the one song or several that put it all in the right spot for me.

Maybe no one ever finds the right love song, that’s why there are so many – we all keep looking for the one that puts it all to music.

For me today “Look At Me” on Carrie Underwood’s new CD, Play On, is pretty close. 😉 Maybe it’ll stay as the song and maybe it’ll change, I guess that’s the nature of music and love.

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