Makua kane

Makua kane means Father

Last year, around this time I heard that my Pa died. I had been scheduled to leave for Cancun on the company retreat the next day and ended up spending a week in Wisconsin instead. Pa probably thought it was funny.

Since he passed I’ve changed my name to honor him his first name is my middle and I’ve taken his last name as my last. It was the least I could do for the man who gave me so much. Is it a pain in the ass sometimes? yes Was it expensive? yes Was it worth it? most definitely

I still want to call home to Ma and Pa, I don’t know if it will always be Ma and Pa but it still is today. I try not to slip up when I talk to Ma or Rhonda – I don’t know if it’s painful for them to hear me say “Pa” or think about him. I know I still get a little teary now and then just remembering silly things he did or his stubbornness, curiosity and mannerisms.

My Pa loved to work with small engines and I always thought he was very careful and “safe” until he stuck his hand in a snowblower and lost part of his finger. It was just the top part of the finger that he lost and he drove himself to the hospital that day, one handed, his other hand tucked neatly under his arm… Now he could make it look like he had his finger buried pretty deeply in his nose with it and he loved to do that..

I miss you Pa – a lot.

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