Uphill Battles

I’m sad about Maine. Once again in the land of the free, people have gone to the polls to deny others the same rights that others take for granted. I say for granted because hetero couples get married all the time and then divorced – rinse lather repeat. Divorce rates in Maine are 13th (Source) in the nation. My biological mother was married 8 separate times. But if two guys or two girls want to get married and live together with the same rights and responsibilities of a hetero couple this state says NO.

Our side raised more money than theirs, I donated several times promoted on Facebook and via email. I’ve talked to people about the issue, I know a lot of our side was up there working in the field, making calls from all over the nation.

It’s disheartening and it makes me want to quit giving money and quit caring. It makes me want to quit struggling in this battle and just let them win. For only a moment.They want us to give up, they want us to be quiet, they want us to accept less-than-equal and we can’t let them.

This was only a battle in this war we’ve been on, only one defeat today. Tomorrow is another day, another opportunity to educate, another chance to win.

Other groups that have had to fight for their rights faced the same ignorance, hatred and church filled bigotry and managed to overcome. So shall we, one person at a time if we have to, this nation of ours will live up to the promise of freedom and equality that we deserve.

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