Listen to yourself already

So, I’ve had the CD of my talk for a month now and just couldn’t bring myself to listen to it. When I was up there talking I know that I shared my story but I could only remember the first part (where I read from the book) and the last part (when I talked about my Pa) every thing else was pretty much a blur. I wasn’t too worried, I had said a few prayers before I started so I knew whatever came out of my mouth should be ok, but I had no clear idea of what it was that I said.

Yesterday while talking to Michael K about a trip to Ft Lauderdale next month I mentioned that I hadn’t yet listened to it. He suggested that I should and scoffed at the idea of others lying when they said I did a good job… I know that I shouldn’t think spiritual giants of AA would be liars, but sometimes I still do…

Anyway, tonight I listened and while it was brief, it wasn’t that bad… I don’t think I’ll be joining any circuits, but I’m glad I stood on a message I could recognize and be proud of.

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