The Rest of the Conference (Trip the Midwest Part 2)

Saturday morning I had breakfast with an old friend Cliff H in the hotel restaurant, we talked about his family, underground country music and AA. It was nice. He and I headed over to hear the Alanon speaker, Joan H from MN. She gave a very good talk and made me laugh quite a bit.

After the speaker the other AA speakers and I took a tour of Eau Claire with Bruce, we visited places where Clancy I was young and places that he talks about in his own talk. We ended the tour at Ray’s on Water Street for Hot Beef sandwiches which really hit the spot.

I was free until the buffet dinner at 5:30 and again tried to take a nap, but this time Pat and Brenda called. I saw them to their room in the hotel and then headed down to my room to get ready again.

The buffet was… well, the coffee was good and the conversation.

Jim H from Chicago was the speaker and he gave a good talk, after which we lined up to thank him and then headed to the ice cream social which is loved by all.

Sunday morning arrived to quickly and I packed up my things and loaded them in Pat and Brenda’s car. I had breakfast with the guy from Gopher State Tape Library who taped the event, we had nice conversations and a good breakfast.

The morning speaker was Kenna from Los Angeles CA and she gave a real good talk that had me laughing a lot at points and thinking alot at other points, after which we lined up to thank her.

The roundup no officially over there were photos to be taken of the speakers, the hosts and gifts to be given to the speakers which included an Eau Claire t-shirt and a bag of certified dirt from the Eau Claire area.

Pat, Brenda and I headed to Chippewa Falls, but not before we stopped at Taco John’s for me ;-).

Sunday was a very relaxed day at Pat and Brenda’s and Pat and I headed to the Northside Group for a step 7 meeting that evening which hit the spot. It was great to be back at my old home group and hear some real recovery at a step meeting.

Monday was a day filled with pipe dreams of movies and fun and didn’t really become anything. Tuesday was spent with me waiting for Pat to finish work to drive me to Galesville. I arrived in Galesville Tuesday afternoon, shortly before dinner.

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