It’s been a very busy week. Work is busy anyway, Jim will be traveling quite a lot for a Client and we need to make sure he has everything he may need for those trips. We also have a lot of Clients that need little things, things that only Jim can answer and take just a few minutes, 5 or 6 such requests can really add up to a lot of time that is taken away from preparations.

Then we had a train crash that closed my Metro station which just a small inconvenience for my commute, Jim picked me up at a different station and we worked a few extra hours each day this week.

Jim had a court thing, not talking about that here yet… I have been subpoenaed and have to give a deposition for this on Tuesday. I’ve been praying a lot.

My friend Brian K came to visit from Milwaukee and I spent one evening hanging out with him and had intended to hang with him on Wednesday and go to the meeting but it didn’t happen, we worked late and I had expected to. He and I are planning to meet up on Saturday I believe and that will be fine.

Gary’s job is winding down and he’ll soon be traveling more again. This was a very long job for him and now he’ll hopefully get a bunch of short jobs which tend to make him happy.

Mouser had not been to happy with me working so much, but will be happy for a while with Jim traveling for the office a bunch it will allow me to spend more time with her… she’s very needy.

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