I’ve been asked to speak at the Chippewa Valley Roundup this year. This is one of those crazy things that doesn’t seem like it can be real.

If my memory serves me well, I helped do the groundwork to get this roundup up and running all those years ago. Shortly before it came to be a reality is when I copped my resentment and left the group, but I was there at the beginning and I am fairly certain I attended the roundup.

So, in preparation for this event I’ve downloaded all the AA Speaker Podcast’s I could and will listen to as many as I can. I’m hoping all this listening will not only be good for my program, but also manage to help me be a better speaker. Fortunately, there have been some really good talks, a few that have made me a little weepy…

Anyway, this is gonna weigh heavily on my mind over the next month or so and I’ll do my best to deliver the message.

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