An Idea for the Auto Industry

I know several of the car companies in America are in trouble, they know it too. We also know that oil is not in never ending supply and we need to find other fuel sources.

So first the Auto companies that want to change need to make official announcements like:

“Starting on June 1, 2009 we will begin to produce the final gasoline combustion engine automobiles in all our factories, the final cars will roll out at the end of August. Your last chance to buy a (enter brand name here) is approaching, be one of the last people to own a (Enter Brand name here).

In September our company will begin it’s two fold plan to produce hydrogen powered vehicles that will be the shape of the future transportation industry.”

Note the following from Wiki:


The hydrogen infrastructure consists mainly of industrial hydrogen pipeline transport and hydrogen-equipped filling stations like those found on a hydrogen highway. Hydrogen stations which are not situated near a hydrogen pipeline get supply via hydrogen tanks, compressed hydrogen tube trailers, liquid hydrogen tank trucks or dedicated onsite production.

Hydrogen use would require the alteration of industry and transport on a scale never seen before in history. For example, according to GM, 70% of the U.S. population lives near a hydrogen-generating facility but has just about no access to hydrogen, despite its wide availability for commercial use.[33] The distribution of hydrogen fuel for vehicles in the U.S. would require new hydrogen stations costing, by some estimates, 20 billion dollars.[34] and 4.6 billion in the EU.[35] Other estimates place the cost as high as half trillion U.S. dollars in the United States alone.[36]

How much is it costing us to bail out the auto industry now? What will it take to be cost effective to these companies?

I would suggest that the company that took this route would then also invest serious money, time and research into making hydrogen fueling facilities more prevalent on the American landscape. Yes, this is a slow process, but I think its worth the effort.

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