I cried about my Pa again, yesterday, I wonder how long this will go on. It wasn’t the hearth aching bawling cry, just some random thought of him popped into my head and I cried a little bit. I am grateful that I had someone that I miss this much.

I know that I’ll lose more people that mean something to me in the future, but I really wish there was a way I didn’t have to. And I finally realized why its important to take care of yourself physically, you don’t want those people to have to go through that pain until they absolutely have to.

I received my cholesterol test results this morning via email, significant improvement since I started the simvastatin, so we’ll probably stay on it… its dropped by over 100 points, which is good I think (I see the doctor on Tuesday).

ok, just rambling, coffee is ready now, so more later.

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