Company Milestone

At this point in time:

1. All personal investments (for the start up costs of the company) have been paid back
2. All bills have been paid (even the cost of server/computers that we did with financing)
3. All consultants have been paid for work they’ve done for us
4. A raise has been implemented for both Jim and I
5. And we have a money left over in the account to gain interest

I’d say that’s pretty good given the state of the economy. The horizon continues to look very bright with The Department of Justice issuing notice to adopt new standards under the ADA its possible that our work load will increase significantly.

It is a nice feeling to be a part of something so new, good, and fun. I can honestly say that I don’t miss mind-numbing meetings about harebrained ideas at all. I prefer working at a company with it’s feet planted firmly on the ground, financial goals within reach, comfortable atmosphere and profit.

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