The Stalker – Updated

I’m spoken to the Police and we’re going to start a case against him. The officer assured me that he is indeed demonstrating stalking behavior and we should take steps necessary to nip this in the bud.

OK, because at this point I am just god damn creeped out and pissed off and frustrated I’m putting it here.

Many years ago, I slept with a guy named Rod. His name is spelled Raad I guess and he’s middle eastern. I only slept with him once, just once, it was just sex, no date no dinner, just sex.

Well, he’s become obsessed with me, and several years ago he could not for whatever reason understand the word NO, and continued to send me emails from several accounts. He, at one point, took a job a block or two away from my house to watch me walk home. He collected pictures of me, put them in a circle collage that he shared with me to show how much he loved me. When I responded to his email that that was beyond wrong, and scary he let me know that he had indeed talked to his roommate who agreed that yes this was creepy and he agreed to stop sending me emails.

This summer I went to a bar, for whatever reason, and there he was… Jesus Christ talk about ruining an evening. He came up talked to me and I said hello, and then goodbye. I had hoped that was the end of it, but no… now I’m getting spammed by his IM’s on a site I frequent, I’ve asked him to stop, he will not listen. I’ve reported his profile on the site, I’m posting this, and I will have to report him to the authorities as he’s a god damn nut job that is stalking me.

If anything bad happens to me, it was this guy that did it.

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